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24/7 Temperature Monitor

Stay Aware: The Case for a 24/7 Temperature Monitor Device

The Cold Fire System is most often bought by our customers because they want a continuous temperature monitor that can alert them to the risk of fever and thereby the potential of their coming down with the coronavirus. However, our 24/7 temperature monitor isn't just great for fever detection, it is great for a whole myriad of health monitoring benefits as a person's body temperature reveals so much about their personal health.

A person's body temperature reflects very closely their metabolic rate and that metabolic rate is associated with a myriad of bodily functions. Your thyroid health, body fat levels, energy levels, overall immune function, and more all have a relation between metabolic rates and overall body heat generation. That body heat is necessary for the immune system to fight off pathogens and renew broken tissues. This is why sometimes, after a wound, it will feel hot as the body tries to kill a potential or existing infection. People with higher natural body temperature readings will have an overall higher metabolic heat level. Women will have different natural or normal body temperatures during different stages of their period cycle.

A 24/7 temperature monitor, such as our ring that serves as a continuous temperature monitor, allows the wearer to accurately record their day-to-day and even hour-by-hour temperature fluctuations. You can use your temperature readings for any number of things, including things like improving your weight loss journey as well as staying aware of potential fevers and infections.

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