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We make sure that it's safe for kids to go to school without fear of contracting or spreading contagious disease.

We created the Cold Fire System with people and safety in mind. When COVID first hit, the lockdown of the pandemic took a toll on people --- mentally and emotionally. With missed school, holidays, and zero interaction with friends and family for an extended period, the isolation itself was very hard to bear. Our goal was to bring people back together safely and to start creating memories again.  


Cold Fire System allows the identification and removal of super spreaders from the student population. The program facilitates a non-disruptive monitoring system administered daily with minimal time and effort. This no-maintenance, all-day monitoring solution reduces stress and absenteeism of students and teachers.

The Cold Fire System's design provides a remarkable ability to keep schools open for face-to-face learning and to reach educational milestones while maintaining maximal school funding.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together... to be TOGETHER AGAIN!

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