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Temperature Monitoring

Why Personal Health Monitoring Technology is Important

There have been a myriad of safety measures that businesses and government organizations have implemented to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Such measures have included remote working where possible, plastic dividers, mask mandates, PCR rapid tests, and, of course, temperature monitoring. For many schools and businesses, temperature monitoring or temperature testing occurred whenever an employee or guest walked into the building. This was generally done with the use of a hand-held temperature gun that measures one's temperature at the forehead. The idea here is to catch a person with a mild or oncoming fever and to send them home before their symptomatic fever can put others at risk of illness.

Unfortunately, thermometer guns are a type of health monitoring technology that is simply not reliable. These types of devices are often not held at an appropriate distance and by that very nature can provide an inaccurate reading. There is also the problem with how room temperature within a space can impact a given reading. Furthermore, a person rushing in from the cold or who was previously in a hot room can give an accurate reading due to the nature of an environment.

But what if we told you there is an easy way to enjoy personal health monitoring via temperature monitoring that is accurate and ongoing? Enter the Cold Fire System. The Cold Fire System includes a simple titanium band that fits snug around a person's ring finger. This thermally-activated ring constantly measures a person's temperature and displays that temperature. This gives a person a 24/7 understanding of their temperature, making it so they can make the correct life and work changes should they detect their temperature consistently rising above normal.

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