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Cold Fire Systems Saves Lives and Provides Peace of Mind

I am a Visiting Home Health Nurse. One day before seeing clients, I was feeling fine without symptoms; however, my Cold Fire Ring registered 100 degrees. I went to Urgent Care. There my temp registered 100.5 degrees. My COVID test, negative the week before, was positive. Treatment began immediately. Four hours later, ill feelings started: chills, hot skin, headache, cough. Fourteen days later, I returned to work well without passing any infection to my elderly patients. Let me tell you, Cold Fire Ring Worked!  

- Lauren C., RN Atlanta 

Woke up sluggish with scratchy throat. Girlfriend told me to put on my Cold Fire Ring. It said 99 but I went to school anyway. About 11 my temp was 101.  I went home thought I had COVID. Turns out I had strep.

​-Pete C., Student DC

It looks cool and keeps my temperature in check . 2 of my friends have rings and we do temp checks before getting together. We feel safer getting together.

-Dallas Charles, College Student

Returning to the classroom wasn't easy, so I wanted to do all that I could to ensure the safety of my students and loved ones at home. For me managing my health and remaing safe are top priorities. By knowing who has a temp quickly, this ring helps provide much needed peace of mind.

-Carol Marble, Educator

As a parent, I was worried about sending my children back to school with COVID still around. I want to do everything I can to keep them safe, so I bought them rings. I ask them check their temps for fever once every hour. It is easy to read and understand so that makes me feel comfortable. I would feel even better if every child  had one. It works so well that I will be urging other parents and my PTA to look into getting these for the entire school.

-Yori Scott, Parent Atlanta

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