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There has been a myriad of safety measures that schools, businesses, and government organizations have implemented to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Such measures have included remote working where possible, plastic dividers, mask mandates, PCR rapid tests, and of course, temperature monitoring. For many schools, and businesses, temperature monitoring or temperature testing, occurred whenever an employee, student, or guest walked into the building. This was generally done with the use of a hand-held temperature gun that measures one’s temperature at the forehead. The idea here is to catch a person with a mild or oncoming fever and to send them home before their symptomatic fever can put others at risk of illness.

Unfortunately, thermometer guns and similar health monitoring technology, create lines and too much chaotic discord to administer. These types of devices have proven to be disruptive, while also adding additional burdensome demands on teachers and administrators to implement. In addition, they do not allow for continuous monitoring of temperatures.

But what if there was an easier way to enjoy personal health monitoring via temperature monitoring that requires: no corralling of people, no waiting in lines, and provides continuous monitoring throughout the day? What if it also allows for checking an entire school population simultaneously in a matter of seconds? Enter the Cold Fire System.

The Cold Fire System includes a simple titanium band that fits snug around a person’s finger. This thermally activated ring constantly measures a person’s temperature and displays that temperature. This gives a person a 24/7 reading of their temperature, so the correct life and work changes can be made should they detect that their temperature has risen above normal. A greater advantage is that: by utilizing the Cold Fire System, an entire school body can be checked for fever in a matter of seconds!

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